Optical dating recuperation after bleaching

22-Jul-2017 00:24

Feldspars have the specificity of being sensitive both to short and to near-infrared or infrared wavelength (800-950 nm; Bøtter-Jensen ., 1994); iv) the sensitivity of the trap to light.Released electrons can recombine with another kind of crystalline defects (“holes” reflecting electrons vacancies).

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Optically stimulated luminescence dating: how significant is incomplete light exposure in fluvial environments? The recombination generates the emission of light (the luminescence signal) which can be measured in laboratory through heating (for TL) or through light stimulation for OSL (Huntley ., 1985).The intensity of the signal is proportional to the amount of released electrons.Ainsi, l’article souligne l’importance de la méthode pour les recherches en géomorphologie, notamment dans le cadre du développement de la géomorphologie quantitative.

Absolute dating methods have been developed over the last five decades (Jull and Scott, 2007).As soon as the mineral is exposed to sunlight, for example during its transport, trapped electrons absorb the photon energy (from the Sun), and are released from the traps.