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How are you supposed to show up in someone's search results if you haven’t written anything down?There are certain times of the day and week when people are more likely to be on social media.You’d be surprised, though, how many of my friends complain they can’t find someone on the site, and then when I say, “Well, have you messaged anyone? ” Although it may seem like “putting yourself out there” is different on an online dating site, that mindset won’t help you connect with anyone.Look at it as the same as "liking" a post on Facebook or retweeting on Twitter.Even royals aren't immune to a playful, or suggestive, nickname.There are a few nicknames that have survived history to tell a bit more about famous relationships from the past.After the loss of her husband, Julius Caesar, the last Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, held a scandalous affair with the chief warrior of Rome, Antony.On coinage and on monuments we can see the couple's love for long titles and their willingness to bestow the names of deities upon one another.

During the regular weekday, most users probably aren’t logged in to Ok Cupid because they’re at work. on Fridays and Saturdays are probably the timeframe you'll want to get on to get it on.

You know the old Twitter trick of following a bunch of people just to get followed back?

While it’s not the best way to build out your “brand” on Twitter, it does up your numbers. Use the Quickmatch tool and favorite a bunch of profiles that pique your interest (and, if you’re really keen, message them).

Try messaging people out of your standard profile box. You’d be surprised how just altering a few key things changes your matches, views and connections.

All social sites are optimizing for less text and more media.In his letters to the future queen, he called her "sweetheart" and even "my own darling." For her part, Anne used nicknames like "great king" and "my dear majesty." When wooing a new wife or lover, Henry has a long, recorded history of using nicknames and platitudes as compliments to his intended.